"I wouldn't have been able to launch my podcast w/o Marie's help!" - Tina Bangel, Vocal Coach
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About Marie Grace Berg

Marie Grace Berg honed her podcasting skills after interviewing more than 500 women entrepreneurs in her two podcasts, Today’s Leading Women and JV Success Made Easy.

Now she helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their business and expand their influence through podcasts. Her clients rave about how adding a podcast in their mix has skyrocketed their lists, connections, influence, and bottom line.

She’s a 20-year veteran nurse in her previous life, has traveled the 7 continents of the world, including Antartica, and now living in two countries- Norway and San Francisco, CA, USA.To learn more, visit http://MarieGraceBerg.com
What People Say...
  • With Marie's program, I received an easy step by step process on creating my first podcast. It helped me out of overwhelm.
    -Tina Ranoso-Bangel, host, One Voice
  • I gained the confidence to start my own podcast because I was encouraged by Marie Grace Berg, but more importantly, she gave me the step by step specific instructions for how to go about it.
    -Laura Armer, host, The DIY Learner
  • I went from having no podcast when this program started, to launching a podcast six weeks later. Simply Amazing.
    -Blake Soulet, host, Fulfilling Life's Yearnings
  • Marie's program is simple, easy to follow and contains all the components you need to launch a successful podcast. 
    -Carrie Robaina, host, My Simple Podcast
  • Marie's guidance helped me launched my own podcast.
    -Marv Johnson, host, Essential Oil Educator

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